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Quarterly keynote

Inflation has deeply changed the narrative. With inflation at 8.6 per cent, Lagarde's and Powell's job is to get it back down to 2-3 per cent within the next 3 years with aggressive action but without killing the Growth momentum! Simultaneously, the war in Ukraine and possible assault on Italian Government bonds induce volatility and more weakness in the Euro. Turbulent times force radical rethink of business goals. In such a context, some companies are seizing the opportunity to make needed changes. We don't know what will happen in the near future. But we listen, we challenge assumptions. In this environment, don't hunker down and wait for a return to the past. With FranceNordicFinance, take measures to shape the postcrisis reality, anticipate the game-changers, think outside the box, pinpoint the right opportunities and strive for success.
July 2022