Investment in growth Nordic Mid-Caps

  • Thanks to its Industry Research expertise as well as its knowledge of the Nordic Region,  FranceNordicFinance is well placed to identifying the right targets for Private Equity Funds.
    Finland and Sweden, in particular, are attractive investment destinations : the two countries benefit from a rigorous economic policy and from consistent monetary and fiscal frameworks.
    There is a variety of growing sectors to invest in.
  • Our method :

– Understand the business model
– Get some security about the identifiable success factors
– Invest ( minority but active participation )
– Develop ( build-up strategy )

Focus on mid-size companies which are now increasingly global, reliant on international revenue streams and consumers : good things come sometimes in small packages !

No stone left unturned in hunt for valuable deals.

  • It’s time to start exchanging, understanding your specific needs, investing in a mixture of technology and sound growth businesses generating value.